U.S. Officials Frustrated By Release Of Secret Guantanamo Bay Records

WikiLeaks Releasing Secret Guantanamo Bay Records

The Obama administration is becoming increasingly frustrated with various media outlets which continue releasing secret information regarding the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. The information was originally received by these new outlets through WikiLeaks.

This secret information about Guantanamo Bay and its detainees was never supposed to get into the hands of the public. A portion of the information was concerning the way the detainees were evaluated and its effectiveness. Many are under the impression that the low-risk prisoners are being held and the high-risk ones are being released or transferred. Officials speaking on behalf of the Obama administration argue that new assessments have been made since by President Obama’s Guantanamo Bay Review Task Force and those records were not included in the WikiLeaks.

There are 172 prisoners remaining at Guantanamo Bay and about 604 have been released or transferred. Outside sources say that of the reportedly 600 released prisoners, about one-third should not have been released. It is supposed that nearly 200 were high-risk prisoners. It is agreed that most of the remaining 172 are a threat to the U.S. ┬áThe Obama administration’s representatives went on to assure everyone that all the people of the United States that their safety is and always been the administration’s first priority. They also support the effort to close Guantanamo Bay’s detainee facility completely and safely.

Posted by Steven Lloyd on April 25, 2011 at 8:18 pm. Filled under Government International.