Steven Lloyd | Steven Lloyd is an experienced business writer enjoying many years both in corporate America as well as international business. He is a best selling author, an international speaker, and very active in finding and reporting the news.

Sherri Kay  | Sherri Kay is an experienced journalist, having written and edited for over ten years.  Her passion is improving the lives of families. She does this through finding ways to save money and live better, both at the same time.  Sherri is also an amazing physical space designer and decorator.

Jim Stevens  | Jim Stevens is a sports fanatic. Although Jim has no formal journalist training, he is fast becoming a well known name in the world of sports writing, as well as business news.

Bob Lewis  | Bob Lewis has been very active in financial services, including mortgage, finance, credit, and housing. He has been writing these and other subjects for over 10 years.

Chris Miller  | Chris Miller is our resident gadgets guy. If it is new and it is “techie,” Chris knows about it and writes about it.  If it is techno in nature, Chris is interested in it and writes about it. When he is not writing about it, he is reading about it or playing it.

Jessica Webb  | Jessica Webb is our resident fashion and lifestyles expert. Jessica is trained and licensed as a Master Hair Designer and she is certified by the Paul Mitchell Academy as a licensed instructor.  Fashion, travel, and lifestyles are her passions and she loves to write about them.

Steve Morgan  | Steve Morgan is an experienced business person with many years in both corporate America as well as entrepreneurial business.  He has served as both Chief Marking Officer as well Chief Operating Officer of several companies. He has a keen eye for news and a real talent for reporting on it.