Sony’s New Android

Sony's New Android Tablet To Be Released The End Of 2011

Sony has released its plans to unleash two tablet computers that will run Google’s Android.  The tablets will be release by the ending of 2011.

The Android has been reported to be one of the fastest mobile platform available. Apple launched their first iPad a year ago, in April of 2010. They sold over 3 million of these devices in an 80 period. From May through the Christmas selling season, Apple sold over 14 million iPads, worldwide. These sales represented 75% of all of the tablet PC sales by the 2010 year end. Apple release their iPad2 last month. To date they have sold over 15 million units and it is expected that Apple will dominate 83% of the tablet computing market share by the end of 2011.

 Sony has leaked some specifics on the device claiming it will have a 9.4 touch screen and it’s other feature included a dual 5.5 inch displays that fold closed. Sony plans to add extra features, such as the ability use DLNA wireless streaming to transmit music and video on to TVs and stereos.

The Android Honeycomb operating system will still be used, but Sony plans to integrate its PlayStation network with the Android.

Many have speculated that with the support of Sony’s name-brand the tablet will increase in the market sales. Similar devices are running the Android software, but a recognizable giant like Sony will help differentiate the Android software. Some believe that the Smartphone operating system will be enhanced once tablet customers have grown accustomed to the Android system.

Many have suggested that Sony’s tablet would become successful if the technical specifications live up to their statements when the product is officially released.

Some have stated that many manufacturers have a tendency to announce a new a competitive device that will surely squash it’s competition. Then, often, the product does not live up to their statements.  Only time will tell if Sony will produce a game changing tablet.

Posted by Christopher Miller on April 26, 2011 at 6:46 pm. Filled under Technology.