Motorola Sues TiVo Alleging DVR Patent Infringement

Motorola Mobility filed a complaint Friday against TiVo Inc. alleging patent infringement involving DVR (digital video recorder) technology. The move follows TiVo’s lawsuit against Verizon Communications Inc. on the same charge of patent infringement. Verizon has an agreement that allows them to use Motorola’s DVR technology.

A statement by Motorola asserts the company is acting to protect its interests regarding the technology. Motorola contends it acquired the patents for its DVR technology via acquisition of Imedia which filed its patents for the DVR technology Motorola acquired in 1995.

The patents held by TiVo utilize identical technology initially invented by engineers at Imedia according to Motorola. Motorola goes on to assert that TiVo is trying to claim the technology in its patients based on the same technology in patents now held by Motorola. The company goes on to claim that the patents for their technology were filed over three years prior to the patents currently held by TiVo.

TiVo has not yet commented on the legal move by Motorola. Motorola has annual revenue over $22 billion. TiVo currently has nearly 3 million subscribers, down from its 2006 peak of more than 4 million. Annual revenue for TiVo is estimated at approximately $43 million. Verizon and Comcast, the leading data distributors in the United States, use hardware from Motorola.

Posted by Christopher Miller on February 27, 2011 at 4:46 pm. Filled under Business Technology.