FDA Attempts E-cigarettes Regulation

FDA Releases Plan To Regulate Eletronic E-cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration released its plans to begin regulating smokeless electronic cigarettes and will treat e-cigarettes as a regular tobacco product.  However, for makers and distributors, the news is a win and believes the product will continue to gain popularity.

For those that are unaware of the specifics of the device, e-cigarettes heats up a liquid nicotine solution that creates a vapor that real cigarettes also release, then the smoker inhales the vapor. No visible smoke is produced.  

The distributors state that e-cigarettes are for nicotine addicts, who need the behavioral aspect of smoking.

2002 was the debut of e-cigarettes, but they were not available in the U.S. until 2006. It has become widely popular and each year the number of users has increased. The FDA has warned its distributors about their marketing tactics, claiming that if the product ever makes claims of being used for therapeutic purposes it will be regulated as a drug delivery device.

Almost 46 million Americans smoke, and about 40 percent have attempted to quit. But, compared to the patches and gums, e-cigarettes are operating in the “legal grey area.”

Last year, the FDA attempted to create a case claiming e-cigarettes were drug-delivery devices, but lost the court case. In 2009, the FDA was sued because they had customs officials block e-cigarette shipments. It was ruled that the FDA had no authority to stop shipments.

The FDA has tried every conceivable measure to stop e-cigarette makers. The FDA warned makers about violating any law with false health claims and manufacturing practices in poor conditions. The FDA found that some of the e-cigarettes contained additional toxic substances.

Posted by Steven Lloyd on April 26, 2011 at 6:51 pm. Filled under Government Health.