Afghan Military Pilot Kills At Least Eight Coalition Forces At Airport

Shootings At North Kabul International Airport

An air force pilot from Afghanistan gunned down a minimum of eight NATO troops Wednesday morning when he shot them at North Kabul International Airport in a military compound. Taliban officials claimed the attack was the latest by insurgents.

A press release from NATO claimed a contractor and at least eight soldiers died after the attack. Officials refused to confirm or deny reports that six of the murdered troops were Americans. There are no reports yet on how many in the Afghan security forces may have been killed or injured.

The attacker was 50-years-old and has not been identified yet, at least by Afghan officials. An Afghan pilot who declined to give his name said the shooter was Ahmad Gul, from the Tarakhail district.

The attack began after an argument between the shooter and a foreign colleague, according to General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, a spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry. Azimi said the shooter opened fire after a dispute. He also said the shooter had been a pilot for 20 years but did not say whether he was wounded or killed.

According to Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, the pilot had been sent by the militia. He also claimed he killed nine NATO troops and five Afghan troops, before running out of ammunition.

Reporters have not been allowed into the scene, which is being guarded by military forces.

The army air corps was renamed the Afghan air force after upgraded equipment was given. In addition, American forces have trained the troops.

According to news reports, the latest incident is one of 20 type attacks in which someone in the Afghan military, or someone pretending to be Afghan military, have killed NATO coalition troops.

Posted by Steve Morgan on April 27, 2011 at 7:53 pm. Filled under Government International.